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International Paints Industrial Coatings

International Paints Industrial Coatings introduces an innovative range of concrete repair and protection solutions that combine leading technical performance with simple application.

Markets International Paints Industrial Coatings Provides For:


International Paints Industrial Coatings' offer a wide range of products for both new construction and maintenance projects in the bridge market from pedestrian bridges to sea crossings.

Commercial Buildings

The damage caused by corrosion, UV degradation and fire can be costly for any commercial structure. Protecting your commercial investment from corrosion and the effects of fire not only brings long term financial rewards but also ensures the safety of those occupying the building during its day to day use.

Leisure & Sporting Venues

International protective coatings has delivered real, practical solutions to some of the world’s most iconic leisure facilities and sporting events. We have the products, experience and track record to deliver the high impact aesthetics and long lasting corrosion protection your project requires.

Tall Buildings

With space at a premium in growing cities, the construction of tall buildings is growing rapidly. This presents unique challenges for the coatings specification as architects push the boundaries of design and engineering to build bigger and taller structures.

Mining and Minerals Market

The mining market covers the extraction, pre-treatment, processing & refining and transportation of minerals such as gold, copper, coal, potash and aluminum. In this industry high value assets face a unique corrosion challenge due to the combination of impact, abrasion and chemical attack. International Paints has a proven track record and has been protecting assets in the mining industry for over 35 years making us the best choice to meet all your coating demands for steel and concrete.

Oil and Gas Market

All of our product development and manufacturing facilities meet ISO 9001 quality standards. Our coatings meet the highest performance requirements and are approved to industry standards, such as Norsok M501, ISO 20340, ISO 22899 and company standards such as the Shell DEP and ExxonMobil GP.

Water & Wastewater Market

From raw water distribution, water treatment and storage to desalination facilities, our coating and lining solutions will protect your assets whatever the environment. Wastewater treatment facilities, sewers and vaults encounter some of the most severe environments in the water industry. The choice of coating is key to ensuring long term corrosion protection.

Our Products Include:

Interbond Surface Tolerant Anticorrosive Primers

Interbond 201, Interbond 501, Interbond 808

Intercept Linear Polishing Polymer (LPP) Antifoulings

Intercept 7000, Intercept 8000 LPP

Interfine High Performance Cosmetic Finishes

Interfine 878, Interfine 979

Intergard Epoxy Anticorrosive Primers, Tie Coats and Cosmetic Finishes

Intergard 263, Intergard 269, Intergard 343, Intergard 400, Intergard 403, Intergard 410, Intergard 423, Intergard 5600, Intergard 5620, Intergard 7020, Intergard 740, Intergard 7600, Intergard 787, Intergard 821

Interlac Conventional (Alkyd) Cosmetic Finishes, Undercoats and Varnishes

Interlac 665, Interlac 678

Interline Tank Linings

Interline 104, Interline 344, Interline 605, Interline 704, Interline 850, Interline 9001, Interline 904, Interline 955, Interline 982, Interline 994

Interplate Shop Primers

Interplate 937, Interplate 997, Interplate Zero

Interprime Conventional (Single Pack) Anticorrosive Primers

Interprime 198, Interprime 539, Interprime 65

Intersheen Acrylic Anticorrosives and Cosmetic Finishes

Intersheen 579

Intershield High Performance Anticorrosive and/or Abrasion and Impact Resistant

Intershield 163, Intershield 300, Intershield 300, Intershield 300HS, Intershield 300V, Intershield 300V,Intershield 456, Intershield 486, Intershield 6GV, Intershield 6LV, Intershield 803, Intershield 803Plus, Intershield 851, Intershield 852, Intershield 9G, Intershield 9L

Intersleek Non Toxic Foul Release Coatings

Intersleek 1100SR, Intersleek 386, Intersleek 425, Intersleek 717, Intersleek 7180, Intersleek 737, Intersleek 757, Intersleek 970

Intersmooth Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) Antifoulings

Intersmooth 360 SPC, Intersmooth 365 SPC, Intersmooth 7460HS SPC, Intersmooth 7465HS SPC, Intersmooth 7465Si SPC

Interspeed Controlled Depletion Polymer (CDP) Antifoulings

Interspeed 340, Interspeed 6200, Interspeed 6400

Interswift Self Polishing Antifoulings

Interswift 455FB, Interswift 655, Interswift 6600, Interswift 6800HS, Interswift 6900Si

Interthane Polyurethane Cosmetic Finishes

Interthane 989, Interthane 990, Interthane 990HS

Intertherm Heat Resistant

Intertherm 50, Intertherm 891

Intertuf Modified Epoxy Anticorrosives or Tie Coats

Intertuf 203, Intertuf 262, Intertuf 362

Interzinc Zinc primers

Interzinc 22, Interzone 954

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