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PPG Amercoat Industrial Coatings provide the best in Protective & Marine Coatings. PPG Amercoat is widely recognized as a world leader in protective and marine coatings, developing innovative, cutting-edge products and services that are fit-for-purpose and are designed to deliver value for money and protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments. Markets We Provide For:


PPG Amercoat Industrial Coatings provides customers with a single-source solution for all their coatings requirements including Ultra-low VOC coatings that meet the most stringent environmental legislation, Robust passive fire protection coatings and systems, highly durable coatings and systems that are both decorative and anti-corrosive.


PPG Amercoat Industrial Coatings is a world leader in the specification and supply of fit-for-purpose coatings for bridges. On well-designed bridges, our high-performance, environmentally preferred coating systems can be expected to last in excess of 25 years before recoating is required.

Commercial buildings

PPG Amercoat Industrial Coatings has a wide range of coatings products that are well suited for use in commercial buildings. These advanced coatings are aesthetically appealing and designed to prevent weathering and corrosion on steel, concrete and masonry as well as provide fire protection.


PPG Amercoat Industrial Coatings delivers proven and long-lasting protection for a wide range of rail infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on products for rail car exterior coatings, tank linings, and hopper car linings.


Flooring and staircases must have extremely durable surfaces plus steel and concrete structures must be protected from the effects of corrosion, UV radiation and general wear and tear. In addition, all areas must provide excellent aesthetics and protection in the case of a fire.

Water / Wastewater

PPG is a world leader in the development and implementation of protective coating systems that are designed to cope with the harsh environment often found in wastewater facilities. PPG has defined systems with proven performance to support long-term asset protection and decreased maintenance cost for the following water and wastewater application.

Cellulosic fire protection

The STEELGUARD range offers a complete set of fit-for-purpose solutions suited to various grades of fire protection, climatic exposure conditions and application techniques. They are trusted to protect a wide range of large, high-traffic civil buildings around the world, including shopping centers, airport terminals, sports stadia and schools.


We deliver an extensive range of support services for our customers in the marine industry. As one of the largest suppliers of coating solutions we are only too aware how vitally important it is to make the right coating and application choice for marine vessels. Choosing well will ensure that the vessel gets the maximum corrosion protection, thus improving its efficiency and helping to reduce onboard maintenance costs.


PPG offers ease of application, fast-drying capability and ultimate performance, including excellent corrosion- and seawater resistance.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

PPG is dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of coatings and fire protection solutions that meet the challenging needs of the oil, gas and chemical processing industries.


PPG delivers proven and long-lasting protection for a wide range of rail infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on products for rail car exterior coatings, tank linings, and hopper car linings.

Our Products Include:

7 Line

7-282 Series, 7-374 Series, 7-824 Series, 7-844 Series, 7-852 Series, 7-858 Series, 7-914 Series




Amercoat 100 A Industrial Coatings, Amercoat 114 A, Amercoat 133, Amercoat 137, Amercoat 138 G, Amercoat 182 ZP HB,Amercoat 185H, Amercoat 214, Amercoat 220P, Amercoat 229 T, Amercoat 235, Amercoat 237 M, Amercoat 238, Amercoat 240, Amercoat 240 LT, Amercoat 242, Amercoat 242 HB, Amercoat 253, Amercoat 320 HSA, Amercoat 3279, Amercoat 333, Amercoat 351, Amercoat 370, Amercoat 399, Amercoat 4119, Amercoat 428 PCLO, Amercoat 450 H, Amercoat 450 HSG, Amercoat 5105, Amercoat 5108, Amercoat 5450, Amercoat 68 HS, Amercoat 68 HS VOC, Amercoat 68 MCZ, Amercoat 741, Amercoat 78 HB, Amercoat 851, Amercoat 866M, Amercoat 878, Amercoat 880, Amercoat 884, Amercoat 886, Amercoat 90 HS, Amercoat 91, Amercoat 965, Amercoat One


Amerlock 2, Amerlock 2 AL, Amerlock 2 GF, Amerlock 400 GF, Amerlock 2LV, Amerlock 2 VOC, Amerlock 400, Amerlock 400 AL, Amerlock 400 BF, Amerlock 400 GF, Amerlock 400 VOC, Amerlock Sealer


Amershield, Amershield VOC, Amershield VOC Clear


Amerthane 490


Aquapon 97-130 Series, Aquapon 97-670 Series, Aquapon 35 95-1 Series, Aquapon 35 95-1000 Series, Aquapon LT 95-172 Series, Aquapon WB 98-1 Series, Aquapon WB 98-46 Series, Aquapon WB 98-57 Series


Bloxfill 4000


Champion 636 FDA, Coal CAT 97-640


Devflex 4020 PF, Devflex 4206 QD, Devflex 4208 QD, Devflex 4210, Devflex 4212 HP, Devflex 4216 HP, Devflex 659,


Devguard 4141, Devguard 4160, Devguard 4180, Devguard 4190, Devguard 4300, Devguard 4303, Devguard 4306, Devguard 4308, Devguard 4309, Devguard 4338, Devguard 4360,


Devshield 4130, Devshield 877


Dimetcote 21-5, Dimetcote 302 H, Dimetcote 9 H, Dimetcote 9 VOC, DSP 3


Duraprep 100, Duraprep 120, Duraprep 125, Duraprep 130, Duraprep 200, Duraprep 220, Duraprep 225, Duraprep 240, Duraprep 400, Duraprep 500, Duraprep 88, Duraprep 900


Durethane DTM 95-3300, Durethane MCZ


Megaseal CF, Megaseal CR, Megaseal FLK, Megaseal HDSL, Megaseal HPU, Megaseal HSPC, Megaseal QTZ, Megaseal SL, Megaseal TF, Megaseal WBPC, MetalCase 94-231 Series, Metalhide 2000 97-694, MetalHide One Pac 97-676


MultiPrime 94-258 Series, MultiPrime 97-680 Series


Novaguard 810, Novaguard 830, Novaguard 840, Novaguard 890


.Phenguard 930, Phenguard 935, Phenguard 940, Phenguard 965,


Pitt Char XP, Pitt Char XP2, Pittguard 95-245 Series, Pittguard 97-145 Series, Pittguard 97-946 Series, Pitthane 95-8800 Series, Pitthane 35 95-850 Series, Pitthane Ultra, Pitt-Tech 90-374 Series, Pitt-Tech 90-474 Series, Pitt-Tech 90-712 Series, Pitt-Tech 90-812 Series, Pitt-Tech Plus 90-1110 Series, Pitt-Tech Plus 90-1210 Series, Pitt-Tech Plus 90-1310 Series, Pitt-Tech Plus 90- 912 Series, Pitt-Therm 97-724 Series, Polyclutch 97-687


PPG 888, PPG HI-Temp 1000 V, PPG HI-Temp 1000 VHA, PPG HI-Temp 1000 VS, PPG HI-Temp 1027, PPG HI-Temp 1050 ZN, PPG HI-Temp 222G, PPG Hi-Temp 500V, PPG Hi-Temp 500 VHA, PPG Hi-Temp 500 VS, PPG Hi-Temp 600 ZN, PPG Hi-Temp 707 HB, PPG Hi-Temp 850 TC


PSX 1001, PSX 700, PSX 700 A Clear Coat, PSX 700 SG, PSX 892 HS, PSX One


SigmaPrime Series, Sigmacover 380, Sigma Alphagen Series, Sigma Ecofleet Series, Sigma SailAdvance Series, SigmaGlide 1290, Sigma Aquacover 25, Sigma Aquaweld 100, Sigma Edgeguard, Sgima Vikote 56, SigmaCover 435, SigmaCover 435 US, SigmaCover 456, SigmaCover 520, SigmaCover 630, Sigmadur 500 US, Sigmadur 550, Sigmadur One, SigmaGlide 1290, SigmaGlide 790, SigmaGlide 890, SigmaGlide 990, SigmaGuard 215, Sigmaguard 603, Sigmaguard 720, Sigmaguard 795, SigmaGuard CSF 650, SigmaLine 781, SigMarine 48, SigmaShield 1200, SigmaShield 220, SigmaShield 220 LT, SigmaShield 420, SigmaShield 420 LT, SigmaShield 460, SigmaShield 620, SigmaShield 880 XS, SigmaTherm 230, Sigmaweld 199 US,


SIL-Shield 95-5000 Series


Speedenamel 4318, Speedhide 6-204 Series, Speedhide 6-208 Series, Speedhide 6-209 Series


Steelguard 701/801, Steelguard 2458, Steelguard 550


TideGuard 171 A


Uni-Grip 4380, Uni-Grip 4382

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