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Flowcrete's range of industrial flooring materials deliver workhorse surfaces for heavy duty environments such as manufacturing facilities, warehousing spaces and assembly lines.


Flowcrete-Logo1Commercial Flooring

Combining colour, functionality and design, nothing transforms environments quite like a bold, bright and vivacious seamless resin floor finish.

Food Processing

Delivering the ultimate in hygiene for food processing environments, our Flowfresh polyurethane flooring range contains Polygiene® to destroy bacteria on contact.

Fast Cure

Against the clock, Flowfast is hard to beat. Curing in as little as one hour, our durable and decorative methyl methacrylate flooring range can be installed on the fast track.


First impressions count and as the first point of contact for visitors to any environment, the car park should make an impact.
Flowcrete's, Deckshield range offers a UV stable, watertight and highly resistant deck coating solution for use within multi-storey and underground car parking structures.

Isocrete Floor Screeds

The key to a strong and reliable floor is a quality screed product designed to smooth out any lumps or bumps on the surface prior to the installation of final floor finishes.The Isocrete Floor Screeds range incorporates a number of heavy-duty, self-smoothing and environmentally friendly surface underlayments as well as resin bonded systems, surface treatments and damp-proof membranes.


Flowcrete's unique stone carpet range, Rustik, has been designed to create a striking look in commercial environments.The Rustik range reflects the natural beauty of the outdoors innovatively mixing natural stone and marble stone aggregates encased in a clear resin seal within an interior environment including car showrooms, nightclubs, boutique stores, reception areas and leisure facilities.


Flowcrete seamless terrazzo flooring range, Mondéco, provides the ultimate in luxury and durable flooring for upmarket shopping malls and commercial venues.The Mondéco range offers clients a wide variety of colourful and decorative aggregates to choose from, all of which are incorporated into the resin matrix and later diamond ground in-situ, to reveal a stunning smooth and eye-catching terrazzo style finish.

Flowchem VE

Flowcrete's corrosion protection range Flowchem VE offers clients a choice of seamless shrink-free modified vinyl ester resin coatings, which are used in extreme environments prone to frequent and severe chemical attack. By withstanding aggressive conditions, the Flowchem VE range provides excellent protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents within secondary containment areas.


Flowcrete's underfloor heating system delivers controlled warmth right where it's needed; at ground level, below the surface of the floor.Delivering economic, environmental and efficiency savings (up to 30% compared with conventional heating systems), Isowarm is a pioneering system geared up to the specialist needs of today's modern construction environment.

Our Products Include

Cementitious Urethane

Flowfresh HF, Flowfresh RT, Flowfresh SR, Flowfresh SRQ, Flowfresh MF, Flowfresh SL, Flowfresh Ultra Flakes, Flowfresh IF, Flowfresh TZ, Flowfresh CM

Fast Cure MMA Flooring

Flowfast Quartz, Flowfast Quartz TR, Flowfast Flakes, Flowfast Industrial, Flowfast DQ

Industrial Flooring

Flowseal EPW, Flowcoat ESD, Flowcoat HTS, Flowcoat WB Satin, Flowcoat SF41, Flowcoat LXP HD, Flowcoat OP, Flowcoat CR, Flowcoat SKN, Flowcoat SF41 HCS, Flowshield SL, Peran STB Broadcast, Peran STB, Flowtex

Commercial Flooring

Flowtallics, Flowtallics UV, Flowseal Ultra Flakes, Kristalina, Peran Floor Flakes, Flowshield Quartz, Rustik Natural Stone

Parking Decks

Deckshield ID, Deckshield Rapide ID, Deckshield Rapide ED

Seamless Terazzo

Mondéco Classic, Mondéco Crystal, Mondéco Exotic, Mondéco Earth, Mondéco TZ

Flowchem Corrosion Protection

Flowchem VE RC, Flowchem VE BC, Flowchem VE GL

Isocrete Floor Grouts

Isocrete 1500, Flowscreed Industrial Top, Isocrete 4000

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    Altapaints & Coatings
    136 West 3300 South
    Salt Lake City, UT,   84115-3704
    Phone: (801) 466-9625
    Alta Coatings & Equipment
    756 South Jason Street, Unit # 27
    Denver, CO,  80223
    Phone: (720) 974-9496
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