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From repair and maintenance to protection to preservation, MAPEI provides owners, designers and contractors with effective solutions to the challenges of bridge repair and a single-source package that you would expect from a world leader in concrete repair.


Backed by our field CRS specialists and in-house engineering and technical support, MAPEI brings more than 75 years of experience to the construction industry.

Mapei LogoBuilding Restoration Solutions

MAPEI’s wide range of time-tested products can address every aspect of the total building envelope, from the foundation to the roof, from the floors to the ceilings, and from the balconies to the facade. We can meet every restoration challenge from concrete repair and waterproofing to corrosion mitigation, structural strengthening and aesthetics.


MAPEI’s structural concrete repair products are available in hand, spray, pump and pour applications for horizontal, vertical and overhead substrate repairs, such as beams, tank floors and walls, columns, foundation rebuilds and secondary containment areas. Our epoxy injection line of products is used to fill and seal cracks and voids in these structures,while MAPEI structural strengthening products restore structural integrity to these elements.

Parking Facilities and Stadium Solutions

MAPEI can proactively protect this investment and help create a safe environment from the expensive and damaging effects caused by repetitive traffic patterns in driving, parking and turn lanes, water leakage through cracks and joints, pollution, and freeze/thaw cycling.

Parking Deck System

Two-component, flexible polyurethane system designed to provide an elastomeric waterproofing membrane for heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Our Products Include


Mapecure™ SRA, Planicrete® AC, Planicrete® UA

Coating and Sealers

Elastocolor® Coat, Elastocolor® Flex, Elastocolor® Paint, Elastocolor® Primer WB, Elastocolor Primer WB, Mapecrete™ Protector FF, Mapecrete Protector FF, Mapefinish™ Wet Look, Mapefinish Wet, Mapefloor™ Finish 415 NA, Mapefloor Finish 415 NA, Mapefloor™ Finish 450, Mapefloor Finish 450, Mapefloor™ PU 400, Mapefloor PU 400, Planiseal™ HG, Planiseal LVB, Planiseal™ Traffic Coat, Planiseal™ WR, Planiseal™ WR 100, Planiseal™ WR 40, Primer SN™

Concrete Repair Mortars

Planitop® 11, Planitop® 11 SCC, Planitop® 12 SR, Planitop® 15, Planitop® 18, Planitop® 18 ES, Planitop® 21, Planitop® 23, Planitop® 25, planitopfd-en, Planitop® X, Planitop® XS

Construction Grouts

Planigrout® 755, Planigrout® 830 SP, Planigrout® 712

Corrosion Protection

Mapefer™ 1K, Mapeshield™ I, Mapeshield™ CI 100, Planibond® 3C,

Cure and Seals

Mapecrete™ Film, Mapecure™ AP, Mapecure™ CS, Mapecure™ DR, Mapecure™ UV

Decorative Toppings

Planicrete® UA/Ultracolor®Plus System, Planicrete® UA/Keracolor™ U System, Ultratop®, Ultratop® PC,


Mapecrete™ Hard FS, Mapecrete™ Hard LI, Mapecrete™ Hard SB, Mapecrete™ Hard SI

Exterior Finishing

Concrete Renew™ Fine, Concrete Renew™, Planitop® Basecoat,

Moisture Control Products

Planiseal™ MB

Patching and Skimcoating Compounds

Mapecem® Quickpatch, Tilt Finish™

Primers for Self-Leveling

Primer CE™, Primer E™, Primer L™, Primer T™, Primer WE™

Repair Epoxies

Epojet™, Epojet™ LV, Planibond® AE, Planibond® CR 50, Planibond® EBA

Screed Mortars

Mapecem® 102, Mapecem® 202, Topcem™ Premix

Sealants and Joint Fillers

Mapeflex™ P1, Mapeflex™ P1 SL, Planibond® JF, Planiseal™ RapidJoint 15,

Self-Leveling Underlayments

Mapelath™, Novoplan® 2 Plus, Novoplan® Easy Plus, Planitex™ SL 35, Self-Leveler, Ultraplan® 1 Plus, Ultraplan® Easy, Ultraplan® M20 Plus,


Idrostop™, Mapeband™ TPE, Mapelastic™, Mapelastic™ Smart, Mapetex™ Sel, Planiseal™ 88, Planiseal™ Plug, Resfoam ™ HL 35, Resfoam ™ HB 45, Resfoam™ PF,

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    We are a distributor of industrial coatings, spray equipment and blast equipment. Our store is geared toward the contractor. We specialize in floor and deck coatings, providing both protective and decorative finishes.
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    Altapaints & Coatings
    136 West 3300 South
    Salt Lake City, UT,   84115-3704
    Phone: (801) 466-9625
    Alta Coatings & Equipment
    756 South Jason Street, Unit # 27
    Denver, CO,  80223
    Phone: (720) 974-9496
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